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What are LivingFuel SuperGreens and SuperBerry®?

Why is Living Fuel so expensive?

Is Living Fuel SuperGreens just another green drink?

What is the difference between SuperGreens and SuperBerry®?

Is one better than the other?

What's the difference between Living Fuel SuperBerry® Original and SuperBerry® Ultimate?

How does Living Fuel taste?

How do I get my kids to take Living Fuel?

What about hunger?

How can I be assured Living Fuel does not contain heavy metals?

Can I use LivingFuel when I’m pregnant or nursing?

Will LivingFuel interact negatively with other medications?

SuperEssentials Omega upsets my stomach. What do I do?

Why should I trust these products?

My digestive system seems to be changing. Could it be the Living Fuel?

Can I actually live off Living Fuel (i.e. use it for all my meals)?

When should I start feeling a change or difference?

The new label makes it look like Living Fuel contains artificial ingredients. Does it?

Do any of your ingredients come from China?

Is it more optimal to take Living Fuel with a meal or hours between meals?

I have been told to avoid FODMAPs. Is it okay for me to consume SuperBerry® and SuperGreens?

Why is my urine fluorescent yellow after drinking Living Fuel?

Why does my SuperBerry® smoothie turn a brownish-color shortly after I mix the powder with water?